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The Genesis Order

5 April 22

Are you prepared to become the detective who takes on the risky effort to solve one of the most intriguing cases that you have ever witnessed? The case that may be the end of his job but his life as well? The case that involves lots of gorgeous and attractive ladies? If the answer is "yes", then you're invited to the enchanting and mysterious world of "The Genesis Order" right now!

Private Dick Noir v0.0.12

16 June 22

This is a visually novel that is intended for an adult audience and it will be an interactive story of the noir-style detective Sam who is trying to solve single case. To do this, it will require him to explore the darkest and most dangerous parts of the city. It is evident that there is a criminals lurking around, but there's still the chance to meet some hot and sexy characters among them...

Daring Detectives

18 October 22

In this game, you'll play as the detective in your own world and uncover several interesting details. After selecting a character you're free to go to the city and investigate criminals. In the course of the adventure, you will need to interact with hundreds of characters that are not players, the majority of them you will develop intimate relationships. To accomplish this, you'll have to accurately answer all of their questions through the dialogues. Additionally, during the game, you'll be able to have a sexual encounter with females to gather crucial details.

Family Reunion 4: Thursday - A Rising Starlet

22 March 18

The story referred to as"Family Reunion" proceeds in episode 4: Thursday - A rising Star. This erotic games series is heavily story oriented so you nicer play the previous episodes before you will begin this one. Those episodes you can always find on our website. Your attempts on finding Mandy's real father will take a new turn after you managed to get an appointment with Lisa's girlfirend Maria. And don't forget about hot blonde Katy - you have promised to pay her a visit also! Even more - this day you will begin without Mandy's assistance as you have no idea where she has gone from the very morning... So do your best and try not only to address the main mystery of the game but also to have a lot of sexual fun whilst doing it! All the models in this game are erotic models.

Unique Sexy Occasion

26 March 18

This game will be a good find for all who enjoys anime porn games ot only for eortic part but also for interesting story and situations. The story that you are about to play here begins with main character waking up in some room without any clue how did he got in here or even last night what has happened. Pretty briefly he realize sthat this place doesn't look like any house at all and reminds some distinctive kind of cell. Like this is not enough he also finds out that he I snot alone in such a strange and unknown place - next to him sleeping a few woman... and she is naked! Ofcoruse it could become the beginning for some arousing and fun time if only everything else was not so strange. So instead of fucking these two will have to address the mystery now! fun or even our heroes are throughout a lot of hassle today? If you wish to discover, then play this game now! Sotras are narrated within the ways that's sometimes finished heaps of text and art - in visual novels. However once it involves orgy scenes, they'll be animated and not solely animated - a number of them are mini-games! In actuality, they will play clicker-type games therefore you do not get distracted from the most story for too long. On the opposite mitt, nobody claims that you just ought to win every single game from the start in order you'll be able to find pleasure from this scene as much as you wish.|The story will unfold in the morning, when the person awakes with a hot (and naked!) woman close to him... and this could sound like entertaining if they can remember exactly what transpired last night and how they got themselves into this mess. Did this happen as a joke of some kind? Maybe something more sinister and risky is taking place? Can our heores manage to discover the facts in this situation and find a way to find the truth? For sure, to find the answers to these questions you'll need to decide for yourself! Prepare to play an adult-themed adventure filled with elements of mystery and detective and try to re-create the scene of yesterday's events, but staying clear of new issues also. Have fun!}

Inspector J Episode 8

12 April 18

Another Installment of Inspector J. The end is truly close andsoon this will end. As always you have to playwith a naughty employee and enjoy her solo.

Inspector J Episode 7

12 April 18

The investigation of Inspector J proceeds in episode 7: Everything is starting to make sense. You are a police inspector and you are working with your colleague Mia on the case of a student from Canade called Jeanne. Jeanne has found out that her bf is cheating on her with a girl called Eve and now she is missing. For more details you may want to locate and play previous episode of this game series. In this episode you will have to meet an informant who has evidnce that even some mafia goons are involved in this case. As always - meet hot women, talk to them, have fuck-fest with them and budge storyline forward. As usual game utilizes real video sequences with hot erotic models and made in very first person view as old school videoquests from the past.

Ryan Blender

12 April 18

In this new detective themed game from"Lesson of Passion" series you will be playing as Ryan Blender who works as private investigator yet whose talent is going to get bury under the routine cases about cheating hubbies or wives. All that he is actually dreaming about is some real case that will allow him to stir further in this business... and looks like his hopes are going to find real because today Ryan will get a very special client and the case that he will take will turn out to be the most titillating for the last few years! Telling anything more about the story in detective orineted game method to spoil the fun so if you don't mind to dive into the modern noir atmosphere with lots of criminal and orgy then you definitely can do that right here and now!

Inspector J Vignette 5

1 May 18

Part four of an interactive game regarding an inspector and his crucial investigation. So, the investigation is resumed because the inspector and his companion draw nearer to the reality behind the disapproval of the youthful students. And therefore the man or lady who can shed light-weight on this circumstance may be a lady named Judith. It functions as an online version, and to induce any recommendation against it, you would like to speak thereto. Obviously, talking regarding your primary purpose of contact will not get you all over, thus you will have to stay discreet and good enough to seek out this woman's trust within the 1st place. And once within the method it happens to you to check a surprising showcase of striptease like her. Well, you almost certainly have all the most effective to seem at such a double triumph. So let's go through this episode without delay.


20 May 18

Mai Saotome is not only hot looking asian lady but at precisely the identical time she is the member of private police unit. Togetehr with her counterpart named Takayama she gets new mission - to protect the son of the chief of one of the biggest corporations which is now also under investigation. Ofcoruse the constant danger and excitement will put our heroes under any anxiety which they will be taking off by one of the most famous ways which is always welcomed in the world of manga porn themed visual novels... Important info regarding the game is that this is just the very first part (or even the prologue) of a whole collection of thrilling detective manga porn games and as soon as you may finish it you will get the password requeired to begin the second game of Mai Saotome's adventures.

Family Reunion 2: Tuesday - the Secretary

16 June 18

Family reunion erotic game show is only in the beginning - it is just second episode you are about to play! So don't waste time and leap in to this story crammed with kinky sweeties played by real erotic models! You will be playing as Marc, a 42 years old photographer who works mostly in the mode and glamour industry. You are currently seeing Katie, a 25 yars old model. You a seeng each other for a few months already and looks like this time it is serious. And it goes pretty good until in your door knocks the girl named Mandy who claims you to be her father! This has happened in first-ever episode and ultimately you have found out that it was some misunderstanding. But that doesn't indicate that Mandy will disappear from your life so easily... And what will happen next you will know onl if you're going to play this episode!

Inspector J Episode 1

18 June 18

Get ready to spend the part of Inspector J during one of his most tricky and arousing cases - the instance about missing students which roots are going quite deep (or high in a manne rof speaking)... but if you want to learn more thne you will have to play this interactive videoquest collection of games by yourself because this is is a detective story after all! But here is what we can tell you - Inspector J is not going to work alone and together with his hot looking (female!) Fucking partner you are going to work with some erotic models as suspects and witnesses as well so if you will play your card sright you will not only solve the case but also have a lot of fun while doing it! This is the very first episode in the series but all the rest episodes you already can find on our website.

Jackin' Bad

19 July 18

In this game, which falls within the genre of interactive adventures, you'll be playing Jackob Badalamenti, a private detective who will have to go through the night that every private detective has to go through at least once in their career. It will all begin by the disappearance of Mike, his best friend. Mike and in his quest to discover what transpired to him Jackob will also need to confront his own past as well as settle old scores. However, such the noir-inspired adventure could not be complete without a beautiful famme fatales and, yes, should you take the correct decisions tonight, not only Jackob is alive, but he could be very happy when the next day rolls around! Happy in the sense of private detectives from classic noirs Of course...

Private Detective

2 October 18

In this game you will become Mr Smith... which is a quite suitable name for a private detective, don't you agree? And this new case that this morning, you are going to takeis something that will become new and quite thrilling chapter in your career. Your client is a wealthy and powerfull business man who wishes to be sure that his sexy looking wife is not cheating while he is away on a business trip so he hires you to the job that seems to be simple at the very first sight... while about the second sight his wife is actually quite a bombshell so may be you won't be able to manage the job as if your client was expecting you to! Stick to the story and perform choices where each mistake or even a wrong phrase could become your last one... but luckily enough this is a game so you can always to try again.

Erotic Justice V1.51

30 December 20

A murder has just occurred at the Birthday Maid's brothel and it's your job to solve it... So use your wits to uncover the truth and get laid in the process. Your trusty assistant is there with you and as she wants to be sure you are on your toes and catching all the clues, she will offer to help relieve your pressure by sucking on your cock!

Inspector J Episode Finale

12 April 21

Not exactly the finale episode but more like a conclusion for the series in which you have being playing as Inspector J and tried to solve the case about missing girl. Ofcourse you should play it only if you have completed all the previous games in the series before or you will just get lost of spoilers and won't even get who are all these characters that you are supposed to deal with. Game is made in genre of videoquest where you shoudl ensue teh story and choose the proper options in dialogs with key characters of it. And you truly should pay attention to what you are going to say or do as if you will make a mistake the game might end with zero percent of unlocked erotic content (which can be cleraly the main reason to play such games),

Inspector J Episode 2

13 April 21

Second episode of erotic videoquest series about Inspector J. It has quiet strange title"Marc Witman is a bastard". Who is the Marc Witman? Why his reputation is so bad? All of that you will find out during your investigations because that what inspectors do, right? And your sexy assistant Mia is always ready to help. As you already know from the previous episode there was a canadian student called Jeanne who ha sgone missing. You and Mia get this situation and eventually you got some critical leads required to be checked. And if this chekcing will give you an opportunity to undres couple of bombshells... well, then they are certainly worth checking! So waste no more time because there will be a lot more episodes in the series and all of them you already can play on our website.

Inspector J Vignette 6

15 April 21

The investigation of Inspector J goes furthe ran dnot it has reached episode 6 which is titled as"Any help is welcomed". In this erotic videoquest series you are playing as the police inspector and you are working with your colleague Mia on the case of a student from Canada called Jeanne. Jeanne has found out that her beau is cheating on her with a girl called Eve and now she is missing. For more details you may want to locate and play previous episodes of this game series (which will be strongly story oriented so it is recommended). Overall the game is made as simple quest - just click on active spots on the monitor or choose proper dialog options when you need to. Other time enjoy hot photos and videos of many female characters played by erotic models!

Meet and Smash Detective RPG

8 April 21

Would you like to assist a detective with his investigation? And also with communication and acquaintance with beautiful damsels? Then let's do it. So, an old businessman invites a youthfull detective to a meeting. He lives in a mansion. It turns out that the client 20 years back had an affair with a youthfull girl. And she claims that she has a daughter-in-law. The client is prepared to pay a lot of cash so that you learn iformation. You move to let go. So in order to successfully complete the mission, you must find evidence, leave people and meet a girl. She is currentlyabout 38 years old and a damn sexy lady. And her daughter-in-law all the more. You will be given the opportunity to have fucky-fucky with a girl and her mother. You must act wisely, to do this. Use charm or blackmail for this. The game has many interesting stories that you must learn yourself. Let's start playing straight now.

The Bang-out Gauze 1: the Mission

20 April 21

New erotic viedoquest series titled as"The Sex Tape" is about to start with the episode one -"The Mission". The ide ao fthis very first episode is obvious - you will be presented with the main character which is going to be a journalist and his new mission which will involve recently filmed intercourse tape of some celebrity. Terry (that's teh name of our journalyst fellow and the player's alter ego in the world of this game at exactly the identical time) will have to find out who created this tape in order to proove is it real or fake. Ofcourse being involved into investigation about intercourse tape will provide him with a lot of sexy and horny suspects so besides doing his work Terry will get a lot of chances to have fun as well. The use of real videos and genuine models will let him to share this fun with the players.


14 May 18

It's year 2097 right now. The world has changed a lot because catastrophe. Our main hero is a former cop who dropped his family and became a criminal. Help him to address some case about missing girl and don't forget once you can to fuck someone.

Detective Lollipop

22 May 18

John Dick is a private detective. He gets a ne wcase to solve and since there will be few hot ladie sinvolved you truly should join him in this escapade and enjoy both thrilling investigations and spunky hook-up! The game is made as combination of different genres. You will see elements of quests, visual novels, dating simulators and ofocurse erotic minigames! May be you will find something else interesting since as it usually happens in games from"pm of fire" series it'll have few different endings to which you can get through few different ways. So don't waste any more time if you wish to unlock all of final scenes and enjoy every possible hook-up scene! And don't forget to go to our website for more erotic games such as this one here!

Magnum PU

16 July 18

Charlie is back with new parody - this time she will dive into the world of private investigations in new anime porn game"Magnum PU". So get ready for some detective and noir tonight... if you may call the adventures of promiscuous blonde on tropical island with a lot of fucking and jokey situations anywhere close to noir. But some kind of detectivy story among all these hump scenes you will see though. The gameplay will seem truly familiar if this is not your first-ever meeting with Charlie. You watch the story until the point at which you need to make a choice without knowing what you are choosing from - just three options. But in most cases it will end up in some simple and sexy minigame after which you can back to the story or try another options if you are interested.

Rainy Day

22 March 23

A visual novelthat takes place during the day that is rainy. The character interacts with the girl and your task is to help him charm the girl. The plot is very fascinating, and the gameplay in general is great. While playing the game you get to meet numerous characters that you can identify with and feel a connection with. The game can beboth challenging and enjoyable. The way you engage with the characters you will discover the character of them, as well as their attitude towards you, and their attitude towards other characters. The game features gorgeous and intriguing areas that are extremely addicting. There is a lot of talk about this game. It's much better to play it yourself. You'll definitely enjoy it.