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9 May 21

A youthful and busty girl went to Hell. There she will have a lot of hot entertainment. It is possible to select two options for this game. Or wild fucky-fucky or deep blow-job. Let's start with a oral job. You see how a youthful girl wraps her wet lips with a thick darkened lollipop. Then the girl deep throats the dick and massages the big ball-sac. She sucks her dick up and down and she loves it. In another life, the girl was an escort lady. The demon sprinkles sperm about the girl's face and it's time for wild fucky-fucky. The demon fucks the wonder within her pink cooch. His demonic cock rips her flesh in half. The girl groans with pleasure but this is only the beginning of her fun. The demon will fuck the girl in a cock-squeezing backside. His dick is too big for a girl's backside, but that won't stop the demon. Start the game and find out what happens next.

The Legend of LUST - Upsidedown (7th update)

15 May 21

Imagine Hell, in which many difficulties and troubles. A group of demons decided to take control of important places in the 6th circle of Hell. For this they have developed a cunning plan. They want to have fuck-fest at key points to get power. So look at the game screen. To begin, choose at what point you go. As an example, it will be a basement. There you will see several fuck-fest slaves. You can start to fuck them or scoff, or you'll be able to satisfy yourself. Choose what to do yourself. In any situation, you will see icons on the left of the game screen. By clicking on them you will be able to control the sexual process, as well as manage some of the fuck-fest scenes in the game.

World Map

13 September 18

Within this game titled"World Map" you are supposed to explore... World Map! But not a regular map of our planet - this is the map of planet from"The Legend of Lust". Yeah, that's right - the game in which demons aref ighting, tortuing and fucking not only sinful humans but also each other if they had to. So if you already intrigued then you can get straight to the main project and have some real fun there. The game which you are supposed to play here and now is something like the demo version of the in-game world. You will see some characdters, check the graphic style and may be even watch few short animated intro scenes signifying different regions. And once again - if you will like what you will see then you indeed should play the main project. Enjoy!


1 October 18

Anothe rone level extracted from big rpg game"The Legend of Lust" which you can play as demo version or stand alone manga porn minigame. This time you will see ultra-cutie Demonica (damned for eternity in Hell's circle of Lust) is being used by two insatiable demons. At exactly the identical time ofcourse - this sepisode is called"Double penetration" for a reason. You as a viewer can simply enjoy the process or try to adjust this scene with dozen of customization options and make this scene more hot especially for you. Options of both female and males ejaculations are included! If you enjoyed this little demo level then you indeed should play the total game where besides hump scenes you will also have adventures and turned-based battles against creatures of Hell!

Farm Girl

1 October 18

A hentai-inspired game which tells the story of a female farmgirl who is just starting her offspring. Thus, this brunette girl has to work on the farm everyday from early morning to late at night. It's hard, but because of him the lady is a sexy and massive body and her athletic body is a magnet for attention. But there aren't any guys at the farm, and the lady is desperate to be pampered. She grabs a large cucumber and heads to a forest clearing. Then she sasssss her pants and then begins to get her tight pink tummy with the cucumber. The cucumber penetrates her and gets to her vagina. The lady moaned with joy. Her massive tits stand up and her pink nipples strain. Utilize the mouse as well as interactive points to engage with the game. start the game right now.

The Veteran of Enthusiasm - Evolution (4th update)

6 October 18

New update for the big and quite complex game"The Legend of Lust" which succesfully combines mythical adveture story with interesting gameplay that it's turn includes elements of many differnet gneres from visual publication to turn-based tactical battles with monsters... oh and there will be alot of adults only content ofcourse! The story itself will be about one man who decided that ruling only one ring of Hell is inadequate and that he has all the chances to rule all over the other rings also. During this ambitious quest he will meet a lot of characters some of which will join and help him and with some he will have to deal in other ways. By the way with this update already famous succubus Hottie will eventually join your small party!

Noble Deep-throat

27 February 19

Noble Blow is an adult oral game with copious animation work, a large variety of animated options and a complex audio fx set. Go from deep-throat to full deepthroat with a massive cum finish. Noble Blow is derived from our primary game The Legend of LUST which you can download and play for free. ( link available in-game and on this particular website www.pgspotstudios.com ) Enjoy;)

Hanging Sex Sub

13 September 18

This is one of many minigames extracted from big and complex endeavor"The Legend of Lust" and it is going to show you how exactly sexy redheads can eb useful to be able to keep horny demons' entertainment. All that you need to do is to activate one of available activity buttons and see what will happen next. Ofcourse you will get more options available as you will progress through the game and the fun is going to become more and more kinky as well - from simply swinging from side to side being chained up and hanging upside down to a couple of demons getting on the scene to smack this bi-atch's face and tits with their huge and strong demonic hard-ons. And if you're going to want for more after that then you undoubtedly should play the original game"The Legend of Lust".

Demons of Hell

1 October 18

Sex life in hell is worthy of all praise. This is the place where the most depraved and feral sexual dreams find their realization. In hell the demons are constantly fucking. Or they rape youthfull and innocent dolls. Or they use BDSM machines to torture women's figures and twist nips. The game offers you to plunge into the perverted world of demonic lovemaking. To get started, choose one of the three demons. You then will see some kind of lovemaking scene. By way of example, how a demon fucks a busty girl in her cock-squeezing caboose. Or gets you suck a thick demonic man rod. Also pay attention to the pictorgrams in the game. Using the mouse you are able to interact with them.

The Vet of Enthusiasm - Sweetie (2nd update)

1 October 18

In the hot Hell, aside from torture and violence, an interesting hookup life is in total wag. Young demoness goes on a journey to explore this brave new world. She must go through all the circles of hell to understand her goal. Demoness looks damn sexy. She has total lips, round butt and taut and pink cunt. As well as gorgeous and big hooters. She looks like a hell of a pornography star. So she studies the circles of hell, which kills annoying demons and walks up to the main manager. This is a thick demon who guards treasure chest. The demoness has to overcome him using her sexuality. And then fuck to death. You have to help her at this. Use the mouse and game elements to interact with the game. And then fuck the monster until he dies. Then you will get the treasure.

The Veteran of Enthusiasm - 1st alpha instalment v0.8

2 October 18

Just as the title says this is the first-ever alpha instalment of"The Legend of Lust". This can be a big rpg game with a lot of elements that are distinct which is still under development. Among the qualities you will fin interesting story, colorful characters, turn-based fights and ofcourse a lot of anime porn content. Since the story will happen in hell and the main character is one of the demons in the 2nd circlke of it (Lust) you can be confident that on your path you will meet a lot of super-naughty people and horny succubus! Some will let you to fuck them right away yet some will have quests for you. Explore and conquer this type of gloomy dream and dark magic. Just recall that this is not the final version o fthe game which means that with time it will become even nicer!

Maria - Animated

3 October 18

In this interactive flash game, you can fool around a little with a youthfull and busty girl named Maria. She is the stepdaughter of a local priest from the Church of Light and Manure. Maria constantly grew up as a insatiable girl. She liked to show her body to the show. Because Maria has big and tasty melons as well as a beautiful and elastic ass. Maria loves to tease people by shifting her bootie under her skirt. One evening, Mary seduced a local janitor. He led Maria into the closet and began to massage her melons. Then the dude takes off her clothes and undies from Mary and begins to smack her round butt. Maria enjoys every spank. From this, her fuckbox becomes wet and Maria begins to squirt. After that, Maria wants a edible meat sausage. Certainly a janitor can give Maria what she needs.

The Legend of LUST - Dungeon (5th update)

3 October 18

"The Legend of Lust" is a big anime porn rpg game which is still under development yet you can already try and play it (it just gets more and more material with period). And to show you what this game is about before you will decide to get into it authors bring you a collection of demonstration minigames indicating degrees and intercourse scenes in the big game which are going to tell you the story of demon named Lust and his adventures on his way of gaining control not only on his ring of Hell but the other rings too. On this way he is going to meet lots of monsters which he is going to fight in turn-based modes with some assistance from his companions. Ofcourse he will also meet a lot of sinful souls which he is going to punish for making those sins... but in the way that only the demon of Lust could do it!

Micia flexi

24 December 18

Micia is the name of sexy nekogirl which you migth remeber form big manga porn venture"The Legend of Lust". This much shorter an dsimplier game will introduce her unique talents while at teh same time you can see it as some kind of presentation version fo rthe big game also. So what is Micia's special talent? She is quite limber! Actually she is limber enough that she can even lick up her own vag and ofcourse she is having lots of fun by doing that! And you'll be able to join the scene by fucking her with your huge red demonic sausage (the events of original game are occurring in many circels of Hell if you didn't know that). Just try different of available actions and enjoy the aftereffects with some additional features.


2 April 21

This busty blondes claims to be the priestess but looks like most of the rituals she takes part in demands her to let anyone who want to fuck her. Well, may be you will enjoy to take some part in this fun too? Ofcourse we wont find out many about the character - this scene is just one of many presumed to demonstrate you the sexual potential of another big game which you might know as"The Legend of Lust". But as a separate minigame this game works just fine. From the very start you will find the priestess ready to serve two big and already hard rods. How is she going to do that? It is up to you to decide! Choose one of over a dozen different actions and enjoy animated manga porn scenes. Try different camera angles and backgrounds to add some personal touch to the process.

The Black Tower Spirit

25 April 21

The massive and complicated game you recognize as "The Legend of LUST" contains a number of different characters, and this easy mini-game will introduce another of them. There's nothing to worry about because she'll be just as cute and slutty every character you are familiar with and even love! Her huge and heavy tits are sure to draw interest and get him to smack him after just a couple of bounces or swings... and of course she is only interested in the largest cocks she can get. Like the demon terms mean big! According to this introduction minigame her most preferred position for getting done is doggystyle but obviously you will be able to getmuch more when playing the main game that you should also take a shot at! Have fun!

Hottie from The Pioneer of Eagerness

16 June 18

Hottie is not only the description of the principal heroine of this minigame but also her name... which is actually quite apropriate name for a succubus chick! And since you have most likely alreayd guessed this agme is another one small demonstration of what you could expect from the big venture"The Legend of Lust" about the struggling for energy across the nine rings of hell while having tons of batles and orgy all along the way. And yes, this trampy succubus Hottie right here is one of the main characters so if you may enjoy playing with her gorgeous kinks and penetrating her always taut fuckholes in this minigame then you definietly should check the first project also! The controls are simple and intuitive so you could play this game even with one hand...