Sporty Girls

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Even Fighting Girls Need to Relax v.2

29 November 22

This parody game stars some of the most popular female fighters, however it's not about them fighting. In fact, they will be receiving much-needed care at a special spa. You will work at the spa, so you'll have to perform as efficiently as you can to please your clients.


29 November 22

Although it was supposed to be a regular training match between Chun Li & Ryu, something happened in the middle. Chun Li became horny and now she wants Ryu to have sex with her, instead of fighting with her! It doesn't appear that she will need to ask him too much... The Qutie fight is an interesting way to end the battle, don’t you think? It's so interesting, even Juri wants to see it in action when she gets her turn.

The Program of Rainbow Colors

29 November 22

A mask-wearingfighter with blonde twintails and big tits, and barely covered ass. Fans of the "Street Fighters" series will probably have noticed that Mika Rainbow is the main character of this parody comics. Not just parody comics, but also hentai comic parody comics. But if you want to watch Mika get fucked, you should also be able to read the dialogues.

Glad Go Lucky2

29 November 22

Many of the popular female characters in fighting videogames arevery hot. This makes them stars of another genre, the hentai parody. The manga isn't manga, but comics. It's written in japanese and features some pretty ladies from "Street Fighter", "DarkStalkers", and other characters.

We didnt have fun Volleyball

29 November 22

Hitomi is a hot looking, sexy-looking chick with a round-tie and perfect ass. It is hard to be sexy and attractive with a great body. This is a situation that will not change if she gets pregnant.

Bea Gets Physical With Her Fans (Pokémon Sword and Shield)

1 December 22

Bea is a great pokemon trainer, but it is important that she is careful about giving access to compromising material to her fans. It is only a matter time before one of them will use the materials to blackmail and fuck this cutie! As you probably guessed, this comic will illustrate exactly how it is.