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Gambler Gal - E for Softcore 2

22 May 18

This manga porn game is in japanese language and if you don't knwo it then here is the short version of the story that is going to unfold as you will progress through the game. There is a girl who is trying to pay her father's debts through the gambling but you - since you are playing for the"other side" - see this situation as a perfcet opportunity to get yet another man as your own owner. How? By winning the game and by that putting this chick into even greater debts ofcourse which she will have to pay not with cash but with her stunning body obviously! And if you are already dreaming about her delcisious forms that she is hiding under her clothes then you finer recall that you will get access to them only if you will win the card game first-ever which actually won't be just as easy as you may think.

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